We understand that analyzing workforce productivity is a challenging task. We can help make it easier for you by providing you with workforce analytics so your organization can achieve maximum productivity and efficiency while improving your employees’ wellbeing.

Workforce analytics is the collection and analysis of digital activity data to create a context for how work gets done. Having access to this type of data enables business leaders to make strategic decisions with regard to operational processes, personnel, technology, and more, to create better business outcomes. It helps them track productivity trends to assess engagement for both remote and in-office teams, enforce effective coaching based on individual productivity patterns, understand workflow bottlenecks, and identify redundant or underutilized technology.

The value-added features of Workforce Productivity & Employee Wellbeing are:
  • Gain a complete picture of work habits and potential blockers to success
  • View organization-wide productivity trends for agile decision making
  • Improve technology usage and workflows to optimize efficiencies
  • Share weekly work insights with managers and employees to guide progress and growth
  • Safeguard data privacy and security of customers and employees

For the provision of Workforce Productivity & Employee Wellbeing we have cooperation with ActivTrak, which has developed software to help teams understand how people work, whether in the office or remotely. This cloud-based user productivity monitoring platform collects and analyses data and provides insights that help enterprises be more productive and compliant. With more than 9.000 customers and over 550.000 users, this award-winning solution can be configured in minutes o provide immediate visibility and analysis.

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