The maritime sector faces various cybersecurity threats, with malicious actors seeking to exploit vulnerabilities for financial gain. These threats can have serious consequences, such as operational disruptions, financial losses, compromised safety, and environmental risks. As ship systems become increasingly interconnected and reliant on advanced technology, the need for robust cybersecurity measures has never been more critical.

Cybersecurity Analytics for Vessels helps you get accurate, real-time data on what systems are connected and how they are being used and discover and maintain an accurate asset inventory and network topology in order to make better decisions and improve the cyber risk management of your shipboard systems. The solution’s sensors cover networks, business assets and OT systems to give the widest coverage. It applies behavioural analytics to find suspicious misconfigurations, unwanted or malicious activity and prioritises alerts based on risk. And it helps provide watertight evidence that security controls will work when they are needed and so it is a useful tool for Operators being under pressure to demonstrate compliance.

Specifically, with Cybersecurity Analytics for Vessels you can:
  • Discover and maintain asset inventories
  • Gain visibility of IT, IoT and OT cyber risks
  • Know when the crew are behaving insecurely
  • Know when there is a cyber attack, how to take action and how urgently
  • Have access to security operations expertise when needed
  • Extend enterprise cyber monitoring capability to the fleet
  • Verify that your cybersecurity controls are working
  • Prove to inspectors that vessels are cyber secure

For the provision of Cybersecurity Analytics for Vessels we have a cooperation with Cyberowl, the vendor that built a platform based on cutting-edge research to help security teams stay one step ahead of cyber criminals and shut down attacks before any real loss is sustained with automation and analytics.

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