We are all part of the massive changes taking place accelerating towards the digital era. Digital transformation in the maritime industry has automated and optimized operations, but it has also created new risks and the necessity to build a protective shield to ensure business continuity. In parallel, new regulations have been set to ensure safety onboard setting strict rules and deadlines for shipping companies to comply. So how do we achieve sufficient resilience against cyber threats and compliance to regulations?

·      To achieve cyber resilience, it is critical to be able to measure how good the cybersecurity posture of your organization really is. With Cybersecurity risk assessment (Security Ratings) we can give you a continuous grading of the cybersecurity performance both of your organization and supply chain. Also, we provide the detailed reports you need, to remediate your findings and communicate your posture to the board and auditors.

·      Also, organizations need to always have proof that their security solutions and their deployed mechanisms are effective. With Automated Security Validation you can now focus on actual business risk by challenging your entire security architecture and discovering the actual exploitable security holes. So even with very limited resources, you can keep risk low in a dynamically changing environment.

·      One more challenge that shipboard systems’ operators face is to visualize cyber risks and know when, where and how urgently to act. Ship operators also struggle to prove that the cyber policies they documented have really been enforced. With the maritime sector’s most advanced cyber security monitoring and analytics system for vessels you can now gain visibility, enforce security and prove compliance easily and continuously.

·      Finally, cyber resilience demands highly aware employees regarding cyber threats and risks. Phishing attacks are still the number one attack vector. So, to minimize risk and thus prevent the loss of data, money, or brand reputation you need to train and phish your users on a regular basis. We can help you to test, train and repeat according to your needs to make your human firewall stronger than ever.

SysteCom has both strong partnerships with acknowledged security vendors and the necessary experience in the maritime industry, to successfully plan, customize, implement and support security solutions describes above to ensure safety on and off shore.

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