In a digitally evolving world, where information systems take over the operational functioning of organizations, risk management and information protection become vitally important. Conventional security solutions such as firewalls, EDR technologies, email security, web security are of course necessary but no longer sufficient to achieve end-to-end protection.

Security Operations Center (SOC) Services come to fill that gap, as a defence mechanism that takes a holistic approach to protection against malicious actions and combines the existence of an “intelligent” platform for the central management, detection and response of threats as well as a specialized team that is able to monitor 24/7 the information systems.

The value-added features of a Security Operations Center Monitoring & Response are:
  • Business Context and Service Monitoring
  • Automated Incident Remediation Engine
  • Daily Indicator of Compromise (IOC) updates
  • Easily scale to meet your company needs
  • Reduce ROI
  • Improve security posture
  • Improve incident response time
  • Predictable operational expense

For the provision of SOC Services we have a cooperation with Spectrum, that has developed a system is designed to work seamlessly and in compliance with the security mechanisms already implemented by the organization, as it gives increased visibility and helps minimize the impact of a potential breach, offering a faster response time. The SOC Monitoring & Response service is offered together with the SIEM platform which is hosted in the cloud, and operates through a real time threat detection & analytics engine.

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