Given the global environment of increasing cyber-attacks and leaks, gaining a view of the risks presented to your organization is no longer just nice to have but a must to stay competitive. Investors and the board are questioning executives about how they are supporting the business’s cybersecurity practices and hygiene, creating top-down pressure on security managers to demonstrate how they are performing and what the current and potential financial risks are to the organization.

Security ratings are a tool your organization can rely on to proactively reduce risk throughout your attack surface, using comprehensive data-scanning technology to provide an outside-in view of your organization’s security posture and your third-party business ecosystem. Instead of taking a guesswork approach to your cybersecurity controls, security ratings provide a data-backed view of your cyber performance. By summarizing data in real time, ratings are a trusted way to make impactful security performance decisions.

The value-added features of Cybersecurity Ratings & Vendor Risk Management are:
Cybersecurity Ratings - Security Performance Management
  • Know—and solve—your most vulnerable areas
  • Uncover new assets & how they impact you
  • Focus your activities on defending better
  • Get consistent performance across your organization
  • Track performance over time
  • Calibrate cyber insurance specific to your risk appetite
  • Speak cybersecurity to the board in their language
  • Prioritize resources to what you know matters most
Vendor Risk Management
  • Automate the assessment process
  • Prioritize critical and high-risk vendor assessments
  • Accelerate your efforts with insights

For the provision of Security Ratings & Vendor Risk Management, we have strategic cooperation with BitSight. This cyber risk management leader pioneered security ratings in 2011 to transform how companies manage exposure, performance, and risk for themselves and their third parties and has led this market ever since with innovations and new cybersecurity analytic capabilities to help you see and reduce cyber risk.

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