One-Fifth of Organizations Have Experienced a Security Breach Due to Their Remote Workforce

Having a remote workforce has been keeping organizations running, but new data puts a spotlight on the realities of what preparations were taken and whether organizations are truly secure.

As the pandemic dust has now settled with most workforces becoming either fully remote or are now functioning in a hybrid home/office model, we’re able to look back over the last six months and see what lessons should be learned. New data from Malwarebytes’ new report, Enduring from Home: COVID-19’s Impact on Business Security, we can see some concerning trends and themes in response to the pandemic:

  • 24 percent of organizations paid unexpected expenses related to breaches or cyberattacks
  • 18 percent admit employee cybersecurity was not a priority
  • 28 percent are using personal devices for work-related activities
  • 61 percent did not even encourage employees to put AV on those personal devices
  • 45 percent did not perform security and privacy analysis on new software tools deemed necessary

In short, when the pandemic struck and businesses shifted to working remotely, cybersecurity was definitely not a priority. The result? 20% experienced a security breach of some kind.

It’s simple math; proactively build a layered security strategy that includes your employees and your environment is better prepared for cyberattack. According to Malwarebytes, nearly half (44%) of organizations did not provide cybersecurity training on “the potential threats of working from home.” Organizations today now realize they must be prepared for pandemic-class disruptions and to put cybersecurity protective measures in place now. Users that enroll in Security Awareness Training can best help keep the organization secure. Whether it’s understanding the need for a secure password, to spotting a phishing attack a mile away, staying educated and abreast of the latest best practices is key.

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