One of the biggest challenges organizations face and was made

clear with remote working, is to gain immediate and concrete

visibility into WHAT employees do and HOW they do

it during working hours, both remotely and on premises.



So, now that working from home is increasingly encouraged by the majority of companies,

  • how do you control and measure your workforce productivity?
  • how do you manage the constant change of working environments?
  • is there a solution that can provide something more than estimations?

We have the solution that can provide objective measurements and reports to help you boost productivity, harden security and ensure compliance.


This solution helps you:

  • Identify and Resolve Inefficient Operational Workflows
  • Ensure Employee Privacy & Create a Culture of Trust
  • Find Unbalanced Workload Patterns & Redistribute Tasks
  • Track Application Usage to Manage Costs
  • Analyze Productivity Insights and Identify Disengagement
  • Uncover Potential Security Gaps



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