Securing information is not just fundamental, but an unquestionable need. The information must be kept secure, under control, and accessible by the right people. It is important to ensure the return on investment in cybersecurity and investing in effective measures. Data protection should be an innovative mandate: easy to deploy, robust, and easy to use. All this aligns with your overall business processes & securing your oganization’s future.

Full information protection accompanies the document both on your network and on customers’ or partners’ networks, in the cloud (e.g. Box, Dropbox, etc.) or on a mobile device. It controls who accesses the data, when and with what permission (read only, edit, print, copy and paste, etc.). You can see the details of accesses to the document and if anybody has attempted to gain access without permission. If you cease to collaborate with the holder you can block or delete the document so that it is inaccessible to that user or anyone else.

The value-added features of Full Information Protection are:
  • Granular permission control
  • Use your usual tools
  • Extremely simple sharing
  • Exhaustive access control
  • Automation of the protection
  • The most powerful protection of CAD formats
  • Data classification powered by AI/ML
  • Integration with corporate systems

For the provision of Full Information Protection, we have a cooperation with Sealpath, the vendor that aims to make it easy for future-driven companies to embrace a data-centric culture that enables them to treat data as a strategic asset and ride the wave of digital transformation.

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