The 1st Cyber Security Summit was held successfully at Costa Navarino a few days ago. The attendees were Cybersecurity Executives, Academics specialized in this sector, and Cybersecurity Solution Providers. Collectively, they joined their efforts to imprint the current cybersecurity status in Greece and globally, they brainstormed and recommended strategies to address the critical issues of the sector.

We can sum up the key takeaways to the following:

  1. In our era, cyberattacks aren’t big news anymore, they are rather part of our everyday life.
  2. Cybersecurity is limiting freedom, so everyone involved is in pursuit of the golden balance between them.
  3. It is important to acknowledge the risks and the consequences when making choices about cybersecurity and focus on systems that are not secure by design, but resilient by design.
  4. Gaining visibility of the assets, knowing their vulnerabilities, and often testing their cybersecurity policies are critical for organizations to ensure their readiness for the event of a cyberattack.
  5. It is important to grow a cybersecurity culture within organizations and adopt a common language to communicate internally, as cybersecurity is teamwork.
  6. One of the biggest challenges of the sector is recruiting new professionals with expertise not only in cybersecurity but also a wider knowledge of anything in relation, e.g., law.
  7. It is essential to create a regulatory authority with capable executives, that will be responsible for managing and maintaining a good cybersecurity status at a national scale.
  8. Artificial Intelligence can easily be cyberattacked and there are already ongoing projects by the European regulatory authorities to fix the way Machine Learning is working by structure.
  9. However, Artificial Intelligence will greatly help in the near future, as many cybersecurity tasks are expected to be executed by AI applications that reduce the heavy load security teams are currently handling.
  10. Evolving in this new environment is the only way forward for cybersecurity professionals and organizations.

Greek cybersecurity professionals are capable and willing to address these challenges and take action to ensure a digitally safer future by utilizing technology and their expertise.