With IT infrastructure and cyber threats evolving faster, it is critically important that real vulnerabilities are treated before they are exploited. While penetration testing services may pinpoint such threats accurately, these services cannot scale in scope or be applied in a continuous manner.

True knowledge of your exposure will enable you to focus your resources on fixing the real security gaps. Automated Security Validation (SecVal) is how you can flip on the light to focus on your real security gaps and guide cost-effective remediation. With it, you can surgically remediate with fresh data that is based on threats’ real impact on your business.

The value-added features of Automated Security Validation are:
  • Accelerate the validation-remediation cycle
  • Continuously validate your cyber defenses
  • Focus remediation only on breachable vulnerabilities
  • Regularly challenge your network against the MITRE ATT&CK framework
  • Reduce third party reliance and expenses
  • Increase security team’s efficiency

For the provision of Automated Security Validation we have a cooperation with Pentera, the vendor helping over 650 organizations in over 45 countries around the world discover their real-world, real-time security exposure by emulating real-life attacks on every cybersecurity layer, all day, every day. Eliminate guesswork, ditch delays, and embrace automated security validation for a continuous understanding of your risk. Tune out the false alarms and never-ending lists of vulnerabilities. Turn to the one true picture of your network to reduce risk.

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