In today’s complex digital environments, you are probably looking for a single source of truth so you have visibility into every asset and adopt new connected devices without fear of compromise by a cyber attack.

The Agentless Security & Asset Management solution provides a baseline of all vulnerabilities, including which assets include them. It also provides context for what assets are doing, how they are behaving, where they are located and who is using them. To maximize mitigation efforts, it continuously scans assets for vulnerabilities, providing an up-to-date risk score for each asset and automatically prioritizes risks by severity level, using CVSS Scores.

The value-added features of Agentless Security & Asset Management are:
  • Complete asset visibility
  • Security Gap Analysis
  • Vulnerability assessment - Real-time assessment against your complete asset inventory
  • Risk-based vulnerability prioritization - Calculate risk for all known vulnerabilities according to business criticality
  • Orchestrated remediation - Coordinate mitigation efforts to streamline process and resource management
  • Customized reporting - Apply effective mitigations to reduce and control your attack surface

For the provision of Agentless Security & Asset Management we have a cooperation with Armis, whose platform provides a single source of truth, so you have visibility into every asset in your environment, including hardware, software, operating systems, applications, physical location, users, and more regardless whether it’s IT, OT, IIOT, IOT, IoMT, virtual, and cloud—managed and unmanaged.

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