At SysteCom, we provide top-notch technology solutions across various verticals that always work in our client’s best interests.

Whether it is a single project delivered to secure or improve a certain business operation, or an entire IT infrastructure that needs a team of resources with the necessary expertise to design, build and support it, we can fill that void.

Our experienced and certified IT professionals collectively manage projects with a client-centric approach and demonstrate high-quality results.


WeWhy We Do It

In 2013 SysteCom was formed by a group of experienced and passionate IT professionals. The idea was to create a modern and flexible model, a team that aimed to stay ahead of changes and quickly adapt to technological developments to meet the emerging needs of clients.

Foreseeing the path that digital technology would follow in the years to come, we carefully chose our solutions to be innovative, ahead of their time and focused on cybersecurity. We’ve been going strong ever since and today we feel our forward-thinking is recognized and our clients trust us and the solutions we provide.


WeHow We Do It

We work alongside our clients to understand their business operations, their pain points, and needs, and we design customed solutions to help them maximize their productivity and operational capabilities with the use of edge technology and a focus on cybersecurity and risk management.

With a proven track record of projects we successfully delivered, we are working promptly and efficiently to ensure that our clients have their requests met each and every time. This commitment continues to be the key to our success.


WeWhat That Means to You

Working with us affords you the benefit of a trusted partner capable to stand beside you at every step of your digital journey, support your most challenging technology needs, and ensure you will be offered the solutions that best align with your business operations with an emphasis on security.

Our Clients

200+ Clients across Europe from every business sector and every volume range trust us.

Our Sponsorships

  • Ammitec Gold Sponsor

  • (ISC)2 Hellenic Chapter Sponsor

  • Sponsor at the 14th Infocom Security Conference

  • Sponsor at the 11th Information Security Conference

  • Sponsor at the 13th Infocom Security Conference

  • Sponsor at the 3rd Digital Modern Shipping

  • Sponsor at the 10th Information Security Conference

  • Sponsors at the the 13th Infocom CY and the 4th Infocom Security CY

  • Sponsor at the 17th IT Directors Forum

Our Awards

  • Cybersecurity Awards 2024

              Gold Award for "Financial Services"

              Silver Award for "Governance Risk and Compliance"

  • BITE Awards 2023

              Bronze Award for “IT Security / Cyber Security, Risk Management & Compliance

  • Cybersecurity Awards 2023

              Gold Award for "Government"

              Gold Award for "Infrastructure and Network Security"

  • “Business Growth” award for 2022 in Cyprus
  • Impact BITE Awards 2022

             Gold Award for "Cyber Security Services and Technologies”