In times of great uncertainty, we must work together and find solutions to solve timely issues on cybersecurity. This becomes more intense when it comes to vessels, as they operate far from the land and the ways to protect their digital systems differentiate from the practices used in offices. In this context, the majority of Greek Maritime IT professionals gathered at CyberOwl’s Cybersecure at Sea 2023, an interactive event that took place last week, where they offered their knowledge and experience and exchanged ideas to help everyone understand the risks and decide the methods to manage them effectively.

Our team was actively present and returned with the following key takeaways:

✔ Cybersecurity is a necessity for maritime companies and they should invest and build security policies to keep safe their vessels and also their offices. Some have already realized the importance of this investment while others are still struggling. We need to raise awareness and help everyone understand the criticality of investing in a security culture in maritime organizations on-shore and their physical extensions off-shore, the vessels.

✔ It is critical that everyone knows what to do in the event of an attack. Having decided and trained everyone involved to play their role the best way they can in difficult circumstances will indeed make a difference. During the event, participants lived the experience of the simulation of various cases of attacks according to scenarios and were asked to make decisions that would affect the outcome of the defense operation. It was a good test of their readiness and at the same time a useful guide for their next actions.

✔ Digital security solutions are strong weapons that can be used by maritime companies to either keep malicious acts away or become tools to best handle the situation after they have been attacked. Technology is essential in all business operations of this sector and can improve and ensure that maritime organizations overcome successfully difficult situations and continue to operate seamlessly.

CyberOwl helps maritime asset operators gain visibility of systems on vessels, actively manage cyber risks, and gain assurance of cyber compliance.

Concluding, we want to thank our good partners and friends at CyberOwl for hosting this wonderful event and we are looking forward to the next one.

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